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PWD Puppies - a lifetime of happiness LITTER BORN 4th May 2015

Sire : Rysalka Sailor Sam      Dam : Rysalka Liberty Belle

Litter 04-May-2015.pdf

All Rysalka and Dragonbank (bred by my Partner) puppies are born in the house and are reared to the best standard possible .  
We offer a lifetime of support, based on over 25 years experience in the breed.

Several generations of relatives can be seen.  
I welcome (and recommend) that you arrange to visit my dogs, especially if your experience of the breed is limited.

All puppies are homed where, first an foremost, they will be family companions and their KC Registrations are endorsed accordingly.  This will not affect you if you wish to participate in any activity (Showing, Agility, HWTM etc).

In line with all established exhibitor/breeders who have overseen the development of the breed in the UK, our puppies are priced as Companions, regardless of whether the parents are Champions, Imports, live in another country or because someone considers them ‘Rare’ or Exotic’.  The breed  was promoted off the ‘RARE Breed’ Register by the Kennel Club in 2007.

We have noticed that recently several novice breeders are charging up to 50% more for puppies than is the norm in the UK. The philosophy of keeping puppy prices in line with the majority of breeds has helped to ensure the wellbeing of the breed and avoid the interest of Puppy Farmers.  

As all reputable breeders have a clause in the Contract of Sale  to take their puppies back at any time during their life if for any reason they need rehoming, the breed (to date) is rarely seen in shelters.  

More Photographs

LITTER BORN 7th May 2015

Sire : Ro Gr Ch. Dragonbank Sea Spider  

Dam : Ro Gr Ch. Rysalka The Two Step

Litter 07-May-2015.pdf

3 Males and 6 Females - Black wavy coats, some with limited white markings

1 Males and 4 Females - Solid Black wavy coats